Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tangram Quilt

As my time in my Student Internship is running out, it's time to begin thinking about a culminating activity for my math unit on geometry!  In talking with my cooperating teacher, we have come up with a pretty fun idea to display all of our knowledge on shapes.  The activity directions are displayed below:

Unit 8: Geometry
Culminating Activity

            You have just been hired to help design a brand-new sculpture that will be placed out front of McIntosh Elementary School for all your friends and family to see.  The contractor that has hired you has several requirements that you must first meet before you are given permission to proceed with your sculpture design.  The contractor must first test your knowledge of shapes, and only after you have passed the test may you design your magnificent sculpture.  Below are your directions:

¾    Part I: Your pretest—

  o   You must choose one of the following shapes: square, rectangle, triangle, or circle.
  o   Glue your shape to the white square background (you may decorate later).
  o   You must demonstrate your knowledge of your chosen shape by doing the following:
à        Mathematically name your shape.
à        Label the following elements directly on your shape:
§  Square, Rectangle, and Triangle—measure the base and height and then find the perimeter and area of your shape.
§  Circle—correctly label the parts of your shape (chord, diameter, radius, center, and circumference).

Once it has been decided that you’ve passed the test, you may move on to designing your sculpture that will stand outside McIntosh Elementary!

¾    Part II: Your design—

o   You may now begin you design!  The contractor has provided you with your materials (the tangram shapes), and you may only use these materials (you may, however, trade colors with a friend, but you must use all shapes provided).
o   Your sculpture may be a person, animal, place, thing, etc.
o   Glue your shape to the white square background (you may decorate later).
o   Finally, name your sculpture and provide 5-6 sentences that mathematically and narratively describe what your sculpture is and what shapes you used.

Upon completion of your designs, we will create a class quilt that will display all of your wonderful hard work in our hallway.  But remember: only one person’s sculpture will stand proudly outside McIntosh Elementary!

As stated, all of the student's squares will be collected and displayed in our hallway as one giant math quilt.  Stay tuned!  Pictures of our final project to come after Spring Break :)

Click here for the complete project handout and rubric.

Want a great literature connection?! Grandfather Tang's Story is a perfect book to read your students while working through the geometry unit!

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