Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Well, here it goes--my first blog post as a Student Intern.  I am very excited to share my ups (and downs, as I'm sure there will be plenty).  I hope to learn just as much as I plan to teach my students.

As the week comes to a close, our students helped celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  The students participated in a school-wide parade in which every grade level displayed posters, sang songs, recited lines from popular books, and dressed up in honor of the legendary author.  It was nice to allow the students a little time to unwind as we are quickly approaching the writing test (only one full school day left)!  Our students designed posters in which they carried around the school.  Their posters illustrations included book covers, characters, and birthday greetings for the Dr.  I believe they enjoyed themselves, and it was a nice way to end a long week of writing preparation :)

Some students proudly display their Dr. Seuss posters.

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