Monday, March 5, 2012

Behavior Management

I would like to share one of my behavior management systems with you.  I use a money reward system called, "Monkey Money," and my students really love it.  In fact, when I forget to pay them, my students are quick to remind me that I "owe them money."  Each of my students has an envelope and a balance sheet which they keep in their desks.  When they receive money, it is their job to record it on their balance sheet, and at the end of every week, they get to "pay" for a prize.  My prizes include candy, homework passes, a good phone call home, and everything inbetween.  My students earn money through good behavior, turning in homwork, and scoring well on exams and quizzes.  They lose money through bad behvior (and at the teacher's discrestion).  You can download my templates by clicking here.  Please feel free to customize the system to fit your classroom, and watch the dollar signs fly.  Cha Ching! 

On another note, the writing test is almost here!  As our students leave for the day so that they can get a good night sleep and return in the morning to tackle the first part of their writing test, Mrs. Hager and I got into the spirit and painted our nails to resemble pencils :)  Our students have worked so hard, and we hope that it all pays off.  We wish them nothing but luck for tomorrow and Thursday! 


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